We Received an ULTRASOUND!

//We Received an ULTRASOUND!

We Received an ULTRASOUND!

🩸A few days ago I got this ultrasound photo from one of the women, I have been coaching, I was so excited but couldn’t post because I had a family emergency I had to attend too…

This mom came to me while trying to conceive her first.

🔴 I have been coaching her for approximately 8 months with the purchase of the Lem Fertility advanced plus box 📦, when she tested positive(pregnancy) we were elated. Throught-out the last >13 weeks I have also provided early pregnancy support until she could see her OBGYN especially during this COVID Era…

When I woke up to this ultrasound July, 16….I couldn’t handle the excitement, I straight went into praise and worship. Yes I already have babies or I would say Lem Fertility babies/Lem mamas, but every baby is a testament….

This mom’s dedication and resilience was out of this world…and am so happy for her…

@mylembox is packaged and shiped/handled with love, care and lots of baby dust..

My approach in fertility coaching is sensitive to you and your individual needs. Try me info@mylembox.com

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